The Tornado Alley Turbo SR22 Smart Turbo

The Cirrus Design SR22 Turbonormalizing System is complete with a Four Place, Built-in Oxygen System. Cirrus SR22 Turbonormalizing System - Smart Turbo - is essentially the same as the kit supplied to Cirrus Design for installation on new SR22 aircraft with a few minor changes and enhancements. The Four Place, Built-in Oxygen System is a Tornado Alley Turbo, Inc. new design available for aftermarket installation and approved under the same STC as an option. Together, these modifications will transform your SR22 with spectacular performance and much improved utility adding to your flying enjoyment.

With over 500 examples of Smart Turbo now flying in fewer than two years of production, it has proven to be the most popular choice of pilots seeking the ultimate in aircraft performance and capability due to impressive specifications as follows:

  • Consistently sustained high rates of climb of 1500 FPM to 25,000’ MSL
  • Cruise airspeeds in excess of 210 KTAS at altitude
  • Typical fuel burn at high power cruise of 17.0-17.5 GPH
  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Dramatically improved take-off, climb and cruise performance

Cruise Speed Comparison

Turbo Normalized Vs Normally AspiratedPerformance Chart